When I bought my Canon 550d a while ago, I knew that one of the perks would be the full 1920x1080p HD resolution. I waited for a subject worth the trouble and ended taking a few videos of a beautifully decorated Santa Claus House in New Caledonia, during Christmas 2010.

While filming, my SD card encountered some problems. After every 10 minutes of recording, It suddenly stopped, and would then stop recording avery now and then. I finally found out that was due to the SD card class – or speed / transfer rate. I had to buy SD cards from classes 6 to 10 to start noticing good results.

However, not all class 6 are equal. I had a Fuji class 6, which choked immediately on video. LG class 6 was OK, but suddenly stopped recording while taking RAW pictures. As far as other users experience goes, good ones are:

– LG 16G class 6 Pro (red and yellow),
– SanDisk 16G class 10,
– Transcend 16G class 6/10 – although one user reported intermittent problems on class 6 card.

Anybody else had no problems with an SDHC card and video/taking RAW pictures simultaneously? Please feel free to comment and add to this list.