The original item was a great long skirt, in red plaid, fringed, a little bit kilt-style, from Rugby Ralph Lauren. Unfortunately, it was selling for, initially, over $300, then about $200 on sale. I decided this was still too much for a seasonal item, especially one that was, after all, a large piece of plaid fabric wrapped the right way with a few added finishing details.


So, I set to making my own – and an even better version if possible.

Mine is cut all the way up to the thigh, just like the original (actually maybe even a bit higher, but shhh!) It is a bit fuller and has more fringes. I also added an upper diagonal piece to the skirt on which I sewed the rest of the fabric, in order to have the plaid design hanging diagonally instead of “in line” like the original. I thought it looked better this way. The upper diagonal piece is a workaround intended to compensate the limited width of the plaid fabric that I had. And I am guessing the guys from Ralph Lauren might have encountered the same issue and that’s very probably the reason why their plaid fabric is used in a plain vertical manner.

I don’t know how the original skirt was closed. My version has a small separating zipper on the side where the thigh cut is, that’s actually very handy. I added two nice leather and silver buckles over the zipper in order to give it a bit more of a heritage look (it’s Rugby after all). These weren’t part of the original. The buckles and straps are completely functional and help securing the zipper.

The longest to make was the fringes, but I am quite happy with the result. This was a nice challenge. Also, part of my initial motivation was saving on the cost of the skirt, and I think I pulled it off for under $50 ($30 of good quality plaid wool fabric, unfortunately not as special as the original one…, a few dollars for one separating zipper, and $10 for the two premade leather straps + buckles (eBay).