Commercial rubber toys for dogs are great, sure. Some of them are actually even durable. But does your dog not get bored of them? Mine does. Homemade disposable toys are always a favorite, because they always smell like new, even to a dog nose.

So, what about using empty egg boxes made of recycled paper?


Put treats in an empty egg box. The treats need to have an enticing smell so your dogs gets interested in digging them out of the box. I used bacon, cut into small pieces, and it worked great. Close the box and agitate it in front of your dog, so he can hear the treats rumbling inside, then give it to him.

Playtime duration
10-15 min. Unfortunately, it is likely your dog will dig out the treats pretty fast. However, mine spent a while licking the box and tearing it apart some more, which provides a little bit more entertainment. Overall, it makes a happy puppy!