For Christmas, here’s a good article from Loetitia Cuisine (the article is in French). It advocates stopping cruelty towards geese in foie gras making, by suggesting a few alternatives.

Loetitia Cuisine's campaign

I also read about the cruelty-free foie gras made by Eduardo de Sousa in Extremadura, Spain, at La Pateria de Sousa. His method takes advantage of the fact that geese naturally gorge themselves with food before migrating season. Leaving outside piles of natural fatty foods, such as olives, for them to eat achieves approximately the same results than force-feeding. This kind of foie gras was, however, impossible to find for sale online when I checked.

Little story: British journalist Janet Street Porter presented world renowned chef Gordon Ramsay with both this ethical foie gras and the force-fed kind. Gordon Ramsay, on blind trial, declared on his show The F Word that the cruelty-free foie gras was very good, but not as good as regular foie gras.

As a foie gras lover, but being put off by the cruelty of the normal foie gras process, I would be very much interested in trying one of the alternatives mentioned above.

Edit: I did try to make vegan foie gras from one of the recipes suggested through the link above. It does make a nice vegan pate that looks like foie gras, but the taste, although good, is very different from the real thing.