Still among St Patrick’s Day events in Washington D.C., is the Shamrock Festival, with a few stages, lots of (mostly Irish) bands, and even more beer.

That's us!

That’s us!


Unfortunately, we ended up getting very bored, very quickly, and we left early. They do not have many activities available, the choice in beer is very limited (no tastings of lesser-known brands), they do not sell Irish food but rather amusement park food, they do not show any traditional Irish costumes (although some people can be interestingly dressed), and you cannot sit down at all.

So, overall, this is a good event for you if:

  • You are a teenager.
  • You like hanging around all day doing nothing.
  • You like spending money to do nothing.
  • You do not mind overly expensive beer and very little choice.
  • You like standing up all day and not having a strand of grass around.
  • You are drunk.
  • You really want to get drunk.
  • You want to get drunk with 40,000 people, a few of which may be underage.
  • You have a fetish for really gross portable toilets, or for weirdly dressed, fat fake Irishmen.

That said, on the bright side, the Irish music was pretty good, and one of the tents had decent pop music and a DJ. But we will not be going back.