Happy-Saint-Patricks-Day-2012-485x728(It is apparently fashionable to put cats everywhere these days. So here you go.)

Last year, I tried U Street as a St Patrick’s Day bar crawl. The location has many bars of very different styles including many great sports bars, latino bars, a few lounges, and a great bar in Far West style. This is also where you can find Duffy’s Irish Pub, a (very) manly rendez-vous for rugby aficionados since they show big European games. They also have a partnership with DC rugby team, the Renegades, which makes this bar home to the team.

So that was for last year. This year, accompanied by a few friends, I tried a bar crawl starting in Dupont Circle, and ending in Georgetown.



A few good places to go to:

Don’t forget to get St Patrick’s Day donuts!
image (2)
We tried having an early dinner at Lupo Verde in Georgetown, a fancy Italian restaurant that had just opened, but failed given the crowds. It looks like one should really make a reservation to get a spot at that particuliar eatery. They were still in the process of developing their in-store Italian cheese shop, so that restaurant may be worth a visit at a later time anyway.
We ended up at the very good St-Exupery Cafe on the other side of the street, and were extremely happy with it. Their excellent cooking seemed like a successful mix of several European styles and was a great ending to a good day of celebrating the Irish and their culture.
Cafe St-Ex
The original celebration was also about remembering the first introduction of the Irish to the Christian faith, which was brought about by St. Patrick, but that aspect is not celebrated much nowadays, at least on the streets and from what I could see of the festivities in the USA. I recommend the beginning of this funny article about poor St Patrick’s story.