I was primarily there for work, but got the opportunity to visit a bit. Here’s what I remember about Vienna:


  • Pastries!

The best I found was during a late night visit to the pastry shop and cafe Demel. They make an excellent lemon-almond pie.

lemon almond pie

  •   The opera

Thanks to a French friend who is an opera aficionado and organized an outing for our group, I attended a very decent performance of La Traviata at the Volksoper. However, the other opera house, Vienna State Opera (Wiener Staatsoper) is world-renowned and must definitely be worth spending an evening there. But I must say I am not too keen on watching more operas in Italian with German subtitles, since can’t speak any of these two languages…


  • The Prater

Many big cities have they own Ferris Wheel and Vienna does too. That square makes for an enjoyable evening, and the very famous Schweizerhaus restaurant has some good and simple local dishes as well as a Beer Garden. It was amazing to get foamy beers served in traditional pint glasses with a handle. It really feels like being in an old tavern. And now I know that Biergarten + restaurant = yum! It’s always important to know your maths.


  • Schönbrunn Palace

The design of “Sissi’s Palace” is very unlike the others I have seen in Europe. It is quite small for an imperial palace and looks rococo of course, but also modern, with covered stone instead of the bare rubble most castles are made of. The Great Gallery is worthy of its name and is a clear competitor to its French equivalent in Versailles.

A few other pictures: