I went to the Lady Gaga Artpop Ball along with a few girl friends. A few pictures of the stage:

It was a good performance, with a lot of different crazy costumes and the usual catchy songs.

I didn’t read well the description of the concert and did not expect the first part to star Hatsune Miku, a holographic singer created in Japan.

hatsune miku

Image taken from the video it links to.

Her voice is supposed to be based on a real female voice actor, although this is hard to tell because they distort it on purpose. That was a good surprise, and definitely a technological feat I was glad to witness. Hatsune Miku’s songs are just okay, intended for a younger audience, but the hologram is very well-defined, with neat edges, and it is pretty impressive. And the hologram had real musicians and dancers. How insane is that? 🙂