I currently have two new baby sugar gliders who are weaned and need a new home in the Maryland / DC area!

They are two young females, Leda and Elara, of about 10 weeks, in a beautiful mosaic color. They are named after Jupiter’s moons like their brothers and sisters from last year, at least the ones who were not renamed by their owners. They look very similar, you can definitely tell they are sisters!

Leda, mosaic female, 10 weeks

Leda is sweet but shy. She has an arrow mark on her forehead and a beautiful white tail.

Leda’s profile and pedigree information on the Pet Glider Database

Elara, mosaic female, 10 weeks

Elara is a sweet girl and quite curious. She has a black dot on her forehead, a second dot on her right side, which is quite unusual, and a very light-colored tail, white at the base with a light dusting of grey at the end.

Elara’s profile and pedigree information on the Pet Glider Database 

Don’t hesitate to comment if you are in the area and may be interested to adopt one of them!