The best stops in Toronto were the Hockey Hall of Fame and the Historic Distillery District. CN Tower has nice views but is way overpriced. It may be more worth it to eat at the restaurant there than to pay just for the view. As a note, CN Tower used to be the highest in the world until 2007. It became second to the Dubai skyscraper Burj Khalifa during the course of its construction. Burj Khalifa is much taller now that it is finished, but falls under the “building” category. The highest tower  in the world in place of CN Tower is now the Tokyo Sky Tree that was built in the meantime.

The Hockey Hall of Fame was great and probably the best attraction in a city otherwise very quiet. It had a lot of items on display and we even got to see the very famous Stanley Cup.

The Historic Distillery District was a great place as well. It has a lot of small artisan shops and some interesting futuristic street art. We went on a neat brewery tour. The SOMA chocolate factory was great as well although their service was a bit lacking due to the number of tourists in the shop. They have some really good dutched cocoa powder for sale though, and many specialty chocolates.

We had a hard time finding good restaurants in Toronto, and sometimes finding any restaurant for that matter, as they did not have as many as in the USA.


Niagara Falls were amazing,  best viewed from the Canadian side although we did visit both sides. We took pictures on the Canadian side (and I am very grateful to my trip mates for waiting for me while I took pictures, especially since it was cold), and took the tourist boat on the USA side. We got quite wet but it was very enjoyable and impressive!