I spent a few days in Paris back in April. I unfortunately did not take many pictures. The trip was sort of rushed and most of my time was spent enjoying the company of my friends than the surroundings I already knew.

However, I did spend a day in Galeries Lafayette. A few hours of shopping is really the maximum I can do without getting annoyed and restless. So, after that, I went to hang out on the new rooftop built on top of the Galeries with a cappuccino I got on the way up. That picture is the view you get from there. Pretty nice!

View from Galeries Lafayette rooftop

View from the Galeries Lafayette rooftop

You can actually get the same view during your lunch if you go to one of the Chinese or Japanese restaurants. If you are 1-2 people, you can ask to be seated at the small tables near the windows, that have a view on the Eiffel Tower. I tried the Japanese one, which is very good, and offers desserts from a great Japanese pastry chef who set shop in Paris, Sadaharu Aoki.

It is overall a very pleasing spot to have coffee or lunch at. It just takes some time to reach the top of the Galeries due to the number of people and tourists there. I also wish they had tables on their rooftop, but it is definitely a spot I recommend!