Catoctin Mountain Park is part of the Appalachian Mountains. The park encloses a forested area on a hill with a few trails. It has views of the Monocacy Valley, although that area is nothing special (it is not what is shown in the picture). The trails are also very easy, I would even say too much so. The park is overall better suited for families with young children. I went there in 2012 for a hike with the Guest Researcher Association from my workplace, and came back recently for a quick visit. On both occasions, I did not find that park so great – god knows why the administration decided to make it a federal park instead of a state park!

The best thing to visit in Catoctin Mountain Park is actually the outside of the park. The picture is from an area located on the access road to the park. I stopped by a small fishing lake and reservoir, where the excess of water is evacuated through a small man-made waterfall.


Catoctin Mountain Park


Catoctin also has a sister park named Cunningham Falls State Park, right on the other side of the road. That park is actually much nicer. As the name indicates, it does have a waterfall. I was waiting for Labor Day to pass since I wanted to bring my dog Sasha, and dogs are only allowed in water areas of the parks in winter and spring (between Labor Day in August and Memorial Day in May). I intend to go back there soon and will post again about it.