Some time in December, I went to Meadowlark’s Winter Walk of Lights, a holiday lights display inside Meadowlark Botanical Garden, in Vienna, VA.

The winter lights were pretty nice, but the garden was small. It turned out to be more of a family-oriented kind of event, suitable for people with small children and strollers, or for the elderly. The walk is way too short at 0.6 miles to be any kind of workout. On the bright side, Meadowlark offers a fire pit where you can buy and grill s’mores and such. I wish they had had more food alternatives though, other than bad tasting hot chocolate made with water and industrially-made treats full of sugar.

 Something else that turned out to really be a problem for me was the fact that dogs are not allowed, and this was not mentioned on their website. I showed up with my dog Sasha thinking this was going to be her walk of the day, but instead had to lock her up in the car if I wanted to be allowed in at all.

The visit ends by passing through a tiny museum shop, but there again, the quantity and quality of the souvenirs offered for sale was more than lacking. I would have bought a fridge magnet, but I could not find any.

Overall, although the holiday light display was pretty good, I would still recommend Seneca Creek Park Winter Lights over this event.