Hi everyone! I know have not posted in a while. I got a new place then had to go on travel abroad for work. All good things, but I have been SO busy!

I am finally sharing my pictures from the time I lived and traveled in Italy last year. Several people asked me where the picture at the top of this post was taken, when I posted it on Twitter (@dmadvents) and on one of my website banners last year. It is from a promenade bordering the sea, called Terrazza Mascagni, in the city of Livorno, Northwest of Italy.


The city, nicknamed Little Venice for its canals, was charming although maybe a little on the decline. It is definitely worth a stop to visit the Terrazza, as well as for the food.

They have very tasty regional specialties such as the torta di ceci, also called farinata, cecina ou socca, which is a chickpea pancake. It was good, but often served in a bun or between slices of bread, so that was too heavy a dish for me. You can ask the cooks to give it to you without the bread, but I could never figure out how to say that in Italian. Livorno is a city that does not see so many tourists, so people do not speak English and you will likely be forced to learn a bit of Italian.

Farinata - chickpea pancake in huge cast iron pan

Farinata being served. Source: Wikipedia.

The other local specialty was their pizza, which was cooked differently than what I have seen everywhere else. They use a lot of olive oil to cook the crust, which makes it fried and very tasty. It differs from regular pizza just like the Chicago deep-dish pizza or the Japanese sweet pizzas. The closest one you can buy in the U.S. is the frozen DiGiorno thin pizza (around $6-7 at Giant). Note that I did not receive any incentives to say so. I would definitely be interested to know if any delivery places in the U.S. have this same kind of pizza.

Livorno pizza and a seriously amazing $3 Lambrusco

Livorno also has a couple pedestrian zones that were very enjoyable for a stroll. People were nice and I felt there was a relaxed atmosphere around the city. It also had decent fashion stores, although nothing as interesting as in Milan. As always in Italy, be wary of purchasing anything because of the no return, exchange only policy.

I am almost at the end of my adventures in Italy. I do miss that place a lot, I had such a great time there! I hope to be able to post the next part soon: Toscana and its hot springs.