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Hi! I'm Diane, a French expatriate living near Washington, D.C. I love to travel around the USA and the world, and my blog DMAdventures.com is where I share the pictures of my travels.

Road trip to Italy (part 2) – Expo Milano 2015

The International Expo in Milano was one of the big events of 2015. A quick search online showed mixed reviews, with a tilt to the negative side. When I read some of those on TripAdvisor after I arrived in Milan […]

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Road trip to Italy (part 1)

I went to visit Milan for a few days, mostly because I wanted to visit the International Expo 2015 hosted there.
I do have lots of pictures of the amazing booths from the Expo itself that I will post later. For now, […]

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New watercolor of Es Vedrà Island, Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain)

I added this new watercolor of Es Vedrà island to my online sketchbook. To view the full sketchbook, go here. The watercolor was done during my trip to Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain) a couple months ago. The island of Es Vedrà can be […]

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