New watercolor of Es Vedrà Island, Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain)

I added this new watercolor of Es Vedrà island to my online sketchbook. To view the full sketchbook, go here. The watercolor was done during my trip to Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain) a couple months ago. The island of Es Vedrà can be […]

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Travel sketchbook

I recently started drawing on a travel sketchbook. I thought it was the right moment after I visited a ton of great places in only a few months’ time.
My sketchbook is really more of a collection of watercolors because I […]

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Leonid Afremov’s famous paintings on sale for Black Friday

I really like the very colorful style of artist Leonid Afremov, a world-renowned painter.

I noticed that some of his paintings are on sale for Black Friday, for $99 apiece here. In my opinion, it is a very interesting price to […]

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