Road trip to Italy (part 2) – Expo Milano 2015

The International Expo in Milano was one of the big events of 2015. A quick search online showed mixed reviews, with a tilt to the negative side. When I read some of those on TripAdvisor after I arrived in Milan […]

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Road trip to Italy (part 1)

I went to visit Milan for a few days, mostly because I wanted to visit the International Expo 2015 hosted there.
I do have lots of pictures of the amazing booths from the Expo itself that I will post later. For now, […]

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Castle of the Chambonnet, Lozere, France

I passed the castle of the Chambonnet by chance when driving in the neighborhood. The castle looked great and overlooked peaceful green pastures so I decided to stop and take a picture.

The castle is part of the Ponteils-et-Brésis area, located […]

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