Epiphany and the French Galette des Rois

Yesterday, people in France were celebrating by eating the Galette des Rois. The galette is a puff pastry pie filled with frangipane, which itself if a pastry cream made with ground almonds, cream and eggs. The celebration became over time secular to […]

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Road trip to Italy (part 2) – Expo Milano 2015

The International Expo in Milano was one of the big events of 2015. A quick search online showed mixed reviews, with a tilt to the negative side. When I read some of those on TripAdvisor after I arrived in Milan […]

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Alternatives to foie gras

For Christmas, here’s a good article from Loetitia Cuisine (the article is in French). It advocates stopping cruelty towards geese in foie gras making, by suggesting a few alternatives.

I also read about the cruelty-free foie gras made by Eduardo de Sousa […]

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