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A week in Livorno (Road trip to Italy, part 5)

Hi everyone! I know have not posted in a while. I got a new place then had to go on travel abroad for work. All good things, but I have been SO busy!
I am finally sharing my pictures from the […]

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Climbing up the Tower of Pisa (Road trip to Italy, part 4)

Back to my trip to Italy in late 2015! I stayed a few days in Pisa. I would recommend to stop there because the experience of climbing up the Leaning Tower was interesting, although the area was too centered on tourism for my […]

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A quick stop in Paris, near the Louvre

I traveled to Paris – and through Paris to New Caledonia, but this is a story for another time. I spent three days in Paris before catching a flight out of the country.
I stayed in the Louvre area. I had […]

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