I currently own a colony of sugar gliders, really cute pets that look like really small flying squirrels.

Duncan, Callisto and Mauli

Duncan, Callisto and Mauli


These tiny marsupials are close in Linne’s classification of species to possums, even though they are way smaller and look more like flying squirrels. They are an amazing case of convergent evolution, as mentions Wikipedia. They originate mostly from Australia and a few other South Pacific islands. In other words, I ended up adopting pets in the USA, that are normally found closer to where I was born, which is South Pacific…


Glider subspecies distribution legend

Sugar glider natural range

I have two pairs of gliders: one pair of rescues (neutered), and one breding pair, which means I get to take care of the babies from time to time. Here are a few pictures of the little guys and some of the joeys they had over the years: